Concurso Oral

The Concurso Oral is an opportunity for students to compete against themselves in pronunciation and delivery of either a memorized selection of poetry, narration or theater (in groups). In addition, there is an impromptu selection that is not memorized, but rather read and prepared no more than 5 minutes prior to the presentation.

General information:

  • The competition will be VIRTUAL again this year.  
  • Students will be sent a Flipgrid link to upload their presentation by February 24, 2023
  • The window for completing the presentation will be February 25-March 5, 2023
  • Each school is required to furnish at least one judge to help in judging the selections for students (who are NOT their own students to avoid a conflict of interest! :-))

Where to find the selections:  

  • Selections can be found here or on beginning Nov. 1, 2022.
  • Please note that these selections are TO BE MEMORIZED, not read.  Judges will be assessing the performance of the MEMORIZED selection, so any evidence of reading will automatically not be considered for a “1”.
FLES/Principiante (elementary or 1 year of classroom learning)Principiante Especial (students with outside experience – Elementary or level 1)Nivel Intermedio (students with 2-3 years of classroom learning)Nivel Avanzado (students with 4-5 years of classroom learning)Avanzado Especial (students with outside experience – level 2 or above, or more than 6 years of classroom learning)
  • You will not find a link to the “Lectura no-preparada”, but you may register students for that category!  A link will be sent to the teacher during the competition, and it is the teacher’s responsibility to administer the reading 5 minutes prior to the student presenting on the Flipgrid.
  • You will also find a video on the website on how the Concurso Oral is judged, so as to best guide your students as they memorize their selections

How to register students: 

  • Please register students using this form
  • Please register students by February 23, 2023

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