Concurso Oral

Registration is NOW open for 2018 Concurso Oral

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What is the Concurso Oral?

The Concurso Oral is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their Spanish oral communication skills as well as to develop their general knowledge of the language. Students compete by language level as well as by categories. Students memorize and present the following categories in front of a judge: narración, poesía, teatro.  There are also two impromptu categories: lectura no preparada and conversación.  In the lectura no preparada category, students have 5 minutes to practice a short paragraph which they then read to a judge.  The conversación is a short conversation with a judge.

YouTube Video of 2014 Concurso Oral

Participating teachers should arrange to bring a judge for every 10 entries.

New beginning in 2017:  

We have changed the format of the levels this year. Instead of having them for each level, we have changed to follow proficiency level formats. Therefore, you will see Principiante (levels FLES, 1), Intermedio (levels 2, 3), Avanzado (levels 4, 5, 6, AP, IB) and then Principiante Especial and Avanzado are for your native Spanish speakers.

In the past, we have limited teachers to only bring 5 students per category per level. However, due to the change in our selection levels, we are taking away that limit. Teachers may bring as many students as they want. There is no limit in registration. We just ask that you keep in mind it is a state competition and we ask that you bring state worthy students to compete. As in the past, students are also allowed to compete in more than one category.

Where does the State Concurso Oral take place?
Badger Middle School
727 S 6th Avenue
West Bend, WI 53095

Contest Date: March 17, 2018

Time: Check in – 9:00 a.m., Judge’s meeting – 9:30 a.m, Judging begins at 10:00 a.m.

Registration Due Date: February 10 – March 10, 2018 – Link will be at the top of this page beginning February 10th.

Registration Fee: AATSP members pay $6 per student per category.  Non-AATSP members pay $8 per student per category.

If you have questions about the Concurso Oral, please contact the coordinators:

Janet Jackson –

Sara Ruiz  –

Please also register judges. We need LOTS of judges.  Link found at the top of this page.


How to get your students involved:
1. Require them to memorize one of the selections available in their level.
2. Use these to develop pronunciation and presentation skills in class.
3. Reward them with a grade or extra credit points.
4. Hold your own “in school” competition to determine the 5 entries per category you will enter in the State contest.


Selecciones – 2018

Principiante – (FLES, 1)

PDF Links

Poesía Principiante 2018

Narración Principiante

Teatro Principiante (1)

Intermedio – (2, 3)

PDF Links

Poesia Memorizado Intermedio

Narracion Intermedio (1)

Teatro Intermedio (2, 3) (1)

Avanzado – (4, 5, 6, AP, IB)

PDF Links

Poesia Memorizado Avanzado

Narracion Avanzado

Teatro Avanzado (4, 5)

Principiante Especial  (FLES, 1-3)

PDF Links

Poesia Principiante Especial

Narracion Principiante Especial

Teatro Principiante Especial

Avanzado Especial   (4, 5, 6, AP, IB)

PDF Links

Poesía-Avanzado Especial

Narración-Avanzado Especial

Teatro-Avanzado Especial